The Clearinghouse

A Digital Archive and Marketplace for tkscm, limited Business Models, IP and Intangibles

The tkscm, limited Clearinghouse hosts and distributes LOPSIII business models and various other digital business IP products. The LOPSIII business models have been generalized so that they can be fully adapted and customized to the entrepreneur’s needs and commercial pursuits. We have separated the display into three different categories of financial scale and complexity for clarity; each business model can be operated as a LOPSIII profitably and ethically.

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  • The Clearinghouse – Business Models

    • Ground Level Commercial Activities – (<$10,000USD)

      Ground Level businesses have a clear focus and are founded on a small core of fundamental elements. They can be operated by fewer people (in some cases, by a single entrepreneur) and with less starting capital.

    • Moderately Complex Businesses – ($10,000-$100,000USD)

      Moderately complex businesses integrate more independent variables, require more oversight (and fundamental business knowledge), and can be fruitfully explored by a small team of motivated leaders who thrive on nurturing new and emergent ideas.

    • Advanced Entrepreneurial Enterprise – ($100,000-$1M+)

      Advanced Entrepreneurialism involves the application and practice of high-level specialization or technicality, complex dynamic systems, and/or rare and high-value skills. These businesses can be effectively supported by experienced business owners and intelligent generalists who can orchestrate effectively across many different professional fields.