Why We Do It

The LOPSIII Local Fund for tkscm, limited

Welcome to the Local Fund for tkscm, limited. This Fund, like all LOPSIII Local Funds, collects excess profits earned through LOPSIII business operations and distributes them for free, similar to non-repayable grants, to locally-eligible individuals who have survived being historically, economically disenfranchised. The Local Fund counteracts the harmful concentration of wealth by injecting excess prosperity and financial empowerment into those communities most deserving of reparations.

[See lopsiii.com for more information about forming a Locally Owned, Profit-Sharing, Income Inequality Inhibitor (LOPSIII) and how a Local Fund works.]

Current 2023 eligibility for the tkscm, limited Local Fund requires residence within Boulder County, Colorado, USA or Honolulu County, Hawai’i, USA.

Eligible recipients may apply for a free grant from the tkscm, limited Local Fund through the form below. Our target demographic includes young adults between 16-25 years old (international age), thus, award amounts are considered with this demographic in mind.
(Special consideration will be given to applicants proposing new LOPSIII micro-business ideas.)

Aligning with current LOPSIII best practice, all remaining undistributed funds at the end of the calendar year are contributed to the NAACP Empowerment Programs 501(c)(3).