Locally Owned, Profit-Sharing, Income Inequality Inhibitor

tkscm, limited is the first and original LOPSIII, and the founder and administrator of the only official LOPSIII information center at lopsiii.com


Locally Owned

100% of tkscm, limited Ownership has official residency in same locality as business (51% min. required)



All Members working for tkscm, limited earn profit shares; no fixed wages (required)


Income Inequality Inhibitor

Excess profits are split and distributed to locality through the Local Fund to prevent wealth concentration (required)

If you are someone who has been historically, economically disenfranchised and you would like to apply for a free, no-repayment grant for your new business, or for your own personal economic and financial development, visit our Local Fund page and submit an application! The Local Fund is constantly replenishing and always accepts applications on a rolling basis.

As of 01.01.23, local eligibility for the tkscm, limited Local Fund includes anyone living within Boulder County, CO, USA.