What We Do

Welcome to tkscm, limited, a boutique consultancy and market intelligence firm that focuses on sustainable enterprise design and ethical business organization.

Choice Architecture

At tkscm, limited we operate under a framework known as “choice architecture” that facilitates a thorough evaluation of the conditions that produce complex problems. Businesses are complicated, organism-like entities with many moving parts and intricate relationships with various stakeholders; analyzing business processes through methods of both abstraction and generalization provides the necessary range of detail (from local to global to unique to systematic) to diagnose business issues and generate targeted, sustainable solutions. Choice architecture exercised by tkscm, limited is further enhanced by our first-hand engagement with significant aspects of the project at hand. Physically participating in the lower tiers of any business operation is a critical component to fully comprehending the interrelating dynamics in different business practices, particularly because humans are always involved and humans everywhere display different combinations of collective and individual behaviors. In order to ensure this first-hand evaluation is conducted effectively, tkscm, limited actively sends choice architects to countries around the Pacific Rim. (Feel free to browse Integrating With the Asian Pillar for further explanation of our focus on nations around the Pacific Ocean.)

As convenient as it would be if most business issues were minor, superficial, fixable, and easily contained, the unfortunate reality is that the majority of business problems are actually symptoms, and once they have become visible, they usually indicate trouble that stems from infrastructural or systemic sources. For example, most businesses are formally established, through the Operating Agreement, to generate profit, not to act as an agent for the ethical compensation of worker input, nor for sustainability, nor even in some cases for the best economic interest of the owners or the city in which they are established. Choice architecture facilitates a multi-dimensional, holistic analysis of a given economic environment in order to clearly understand the dynamic nature of the interrelating conditions that produce given problems and how they can be overcome in ways that are healthy for the future economic sustainability of the community.

The seemingly-ubiquitous issue of profit-maximization that forms the core of what can be considered capitalism-as-usual also drove us to develop a new business model (a new “species” of business, if we may be so bold) to try and rebalance the economic ecosystem towards sustainability and long-term prosperity for all, and particularly for those who have been historically, economically disenfranchised in the United States, the incredibly diverse and powerful minority and female bases whose success this country needs the most. You can read more about the LOPSIII business model on our LOPSIII Page, or at lopsiii.com.

tkscm, limited regularly outputs new business models, designs, and operational plans that are produced as developmental byproducts from our four primary business divisions, as displayed below. Many of these intellectual assets (including developed, flexible Business Plans) are then further refined into digital packages that we distribute out to any interested parties through our Clearinghouse.