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About the TPDEARR

The Trans-Pacific Dynamic Equity Allocation Research Report (TPDEARR) is a privately generated market research report designed to improve analysis and decision-making for investing strategies that exercise a regular reallocation of assets. The TPDEARR focuses on the market dynamics, key players and key components that comprise the macroeconomic tapestry of sprawling interconnected economies around the Pacific Ocean. The Trans-Pacific network of trade and equity markets makes up a substantially out-sized portion of the global economy and a continuously evolving environment of growth and emergent innovation.

The seeds of the TPDEARR were first sown in 2016 when the founding Members of tkscm, limited were living and working in Seoul, South Korea and needed to develop a regional investment environment summary to better comprehend the complex, non-Western calculus of Trans-Pacific components of global trade and the effects on their personal investment strategies. That summary has since expanded into an intricate multivariate analysis, the TPDEARR, that has informed over half a decade of profitable portfolio management for its Members. Interested readers can see Integrating With the Asian Pillar for more on the significance of the Trans-Pacific perspective.

In the TPDEARR, investors gain access to the fundamental economic rationale that supports taking positions in a small “squad portfolio” of particular equity assets. The squad portfolio is generated to recognize performance gains across an intermediate-term timeframe in the most dynamic investment sectors around the Pacific Rim. Analysis in the TPDEARR spans a range of regions, localities, companies and components around East Asia, Southeast Asia, Australasia, and all along the Pacific coast of the Americas; investors are highly encouraged to utilize any and all TPDEARR analysis for the profitable and ethical construction of their investments, including beyond the rationale for the squad portfolio deployment.

Investors are encouraged to further explore the supplemental sources and links, and to adapt the analysis in each TPDEARR to their own financial and investing circumstances and portfolios.

The TPDEARR is a quarterly research report composed of financial and fundamental analysis and cross-referenced with independent data sources from around the Pacific Rim. The TPDEARR is not a direct investment product or financial security. It becomes market intelligence when it is used intelligently by the individual investor.

TPDEARR Issue and Subscription Information

Each Issue of the TPDEARR presents investment information in a manner that highlights relative strength, trend evolution, and the real effects of geopolitical and macroeconomic development on the progression and evolution of particular sectors. The TPDEARR also analyzes and presents a selection of the most dynamic companies, countries, economies, industries, technologies and key components in order to help identify areas of emergent growth and rapid expansion within the most dynamic sectors. Focus is given to those individual equity assets and elements with the most potential for explosive, ballooning growth with spillovers into other sectors and industries, and which press the demand for reorganization of the macroeconomic environment. Not all assets and investment opportunities will be covered in each issue of the TPDEARR.

To make profiting from our investment research as accessible as possible, each issue of the TPDEARR focuses on elements of the global marketplace that can be approached by investors trading predominantly equities, equity-like financial instruments, and/or on public markets that don’t require special accreditation for participation. Tkscm, limited is not an institutional investment firm and the TPDEARR will always be available with equal opportunity to retail investors, online traders, firm analysts, fund and portfolio managers, and everyday, non-accredited wealth seekers alike.

Non-equity securities, financial instruments, debts and other indicators are often examined in the TPDEARR in order to provide context and support for economic analysis, though only equity assets will usually be included in the TPDEARR squad portfolio.

Analysis and data in the TPDEARR assume an “intermediate-term” perspective, so designed to facilitate a 12-18 month trading horizon for asset reallocation. Investment strategies can correlate with this trading horizon by holding positions for 12-18 months before reallocating to new positions in more-rapidly emerging domains explored in the TPDEARR. Funds used to establish new positions can be drawn from the sale of positions taken 12-18 months prior. Such investment moves will realize capital gains with a long-term taxation profile.

The “intermediate-term’ trading horizon further bolsters the analysis in the TPDEARR by buffering and separating it from the volatility of daily market fluctuations. Though an unpredictable soup of real and imagined investor activity will always make spot market prices uncertain, daily sentiment swings are a symptom of the underlying economic reality which the TPDEARR seeks to elucidate. Market prices are the human (and human-programmed AI) responses to the conditions which give rise to those responses. The TPDEARR strives to present an analysis of the evolution of the conditions of the underlying economic reality through its most dynamically adjusting sectors and their most influential and potentially influential companies and components (much like organisms and their organs in their environment) on the intermediate-term horizon. Since nothing economic exists in isolation, focused analysis in each issue of the TPDEARR is integrated into its greater economic ecosystem to provide nested hierarchies of comprehension for greater predictive strength.

TPDEARR Issues cost $1,000 USD.

Issues of the TPDEARR demonstrate potential investment scenarios using a multi-compartment type of investment portfolio that allocates example amounts (such as $100,000 USD) each month into smaller, self-contained “squad portfolios” of generally 3-6 positions that are designed to respond and perform within a particular investment environment over an intermediate time frame of about 12-18 months, after which the positions can be disposed and the capital reallocated. This example portfolio “affords” the TPDEARR at a rate of %1 of Assets Invested each Month. The TPDEARR is not a direct investment product and tkscm, limited is not responsible or liable for any decisions individuals may take after purchasing the report. We strongly recommend that investors only purchase the TPDEARR if it is an affordable market research expense relative to their overall portfolio allocation procedures.

Investors can explore a trading window that opens at the release of each TPDEARR issue when the analysis is unlocked and prior to the wider dissemination and corroboration of the data by the greater investment community. All TPDEARR information is collected, sorted, cross-checked and analyzed in-house at tkscm, limited and restricted exclusively to the latest confirmed Subscriber list. No other research or investment firm has access to our combination of international data sources nor the details of our analysis.

Any current or former Subscriber who is discovered to be knowingly distributing content from a current TPDEARR issue to non-subscribers will be permanently banned from future issues.

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