Advanced Entrepreneurial Enterprise

Advanced Entrepreneurialism involves the application and practice of high-level specialization or technicality, complex dynamic systems, and/or rare and high-value skills. These businesses can be effectively supported by experienced business owners and intelligent generalists who can orchestrate effectively across many different professional fields.

Businesses and commercial assets that populate this Advanced Entrepreneurial Enterprise page require higher levels of starting capital to initiate (ranging from $100k – $1M USD or more), and higher levels of scrutiny to develop and maintain. LOPSIII operation at the scale of Advanced Entrepreneurial Enterprise can incorporate dozens of profit-sharing (PS) Members and Managers, so intelligent and diverse Membership staffing and capital management is imperative. Advanced Enterprises, though complex, can be highly lucrative for both their Members and their local host communities.

Status Guide

LIVE – [This asset is LIVE and available for use or development in your own business. Click for more details.]
IN DEVELOPMENT – [This asset is not yet ready for distribution.]

  • Regional/Local Grocery Store NetworkIN DEVELOPMENT – Reworking LOPSIII structure at regional scale

  • High Volume Multi-Modal Transit Hub (Bike/Bus/Metro/Airport/Launch Pad) – IN DEVELOPMENT