Who We Are (According To Us)


Founder / Owner / 선장 / CEO

Problems Solver

Time Traveler / Bromide

Pursuer of $2.2B (“B” for Billions)

&Relentless Do-Gooder


Founder / Owner / 디렉터 / CFO

Capital Analyst




Global Citizens

Engaging in an international lifestyle with diverse networks and business interests that primarily encompass locations around the Pacific Rim is a keystone aspect of working through tkscm, limited. The different divisions of What We Do enable us to acquire and integrate new information and experiences from a broad array of sources—spanning from smaller suburbs and rural villages to the towering mega-cities of East Asia with their own internal economies and populations that are the size of small nation-states. All of our business efforts are founded on the power of multi-ethnic cooperation, empowerment and information exchange, and we significantly prioritize multilingualism and international life experience in our hiring, our business partnerships, and our future outlook.

International perspectives offer a critical balancing component which we apply not only to our business design, but also our investment management. It would be naive to reason that only one (national) perspective in only one language would be a sufficient knowledge base to facilitate risking funds to investments in what is an undeniably global securities market. One of the implications of this global logic is that the collective of international markets has no singular center, but instead consists of a network of powerful regional nodes, or pillars, along with their surrounding economies and a wide variety of multilateral and interrelating trade agreements. Understanding the major players and their different environments can only fully be practiced with the inclusion of first-hand experience, which is also fundamental to maintaining a progressive global perspective and a position ahead of the curve. At tkscm, limited we fully support this approach and use it to guide both our commercial and investment practices.

Investors can read Integrating With the Asian Pillar for an overview of how the characteristics and significance of Asian markets informs our work, particularly the Trans-Pacific Dynamic Equity Allocation Research Report (TPDEARR).