Ground Level Commercial Activities

This division of the tkscm, limited Clearinghouse hosts small business models and organizational/design tools that are fundamental to ethical and sustainable capitalism from a LOPSIII position. (For more information about LOPSIII business design and ethical capitalism, visit our LOPSIII Page, or These small businesses each have a clear focus and are founded on a small core of fundamental business elements. They can be operated by fewer people (in some cases, by a single entrepreneur) and with less starting capital, frequently under $1,000USD.

[Many of these small business LOPSIII models take inspiration from high volume capitalism dynamics explored in population-dense mega-cities around the Pacific Rim. If you are curious about our focus on Pacific countries, click here to read more.]

Status Guide

LIVE – [This asset is LIVE and available for use or development in your own business. Click for more details.]
IN DEVELOPMENT – [This asset is not yet ready for distribution.]

  • Bhan Chahn CommissaryIN DEVELOPMENT

  • Goyangi Library SanctuaryIN DEVELOPMENT

  • Performer CollectiveIN DEVELOPMENT

  • Parking Garage/Drive-In/Car HostelIN DEVELOPMENT