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When your name moves to the top of the Waitlist you will be notified via email of your 72 hour window to purchase the TPDEARR. After you purchase via credit card or PayPal, you will receive a code to access your issue of the TPDEARR upon its release.

Remember: the TPDEARR is not a direct investment product. It is a privately generated research report that synthesizes financial, geopolitical and macroeconomic analyses to paint a picture of the most dynamic investment-relevant phenomena occurring in the Trans-Pacific sphere of influence. It is YOUR responsibility to integrate research from the TPDEARR into your own portfolio constraints. Investing is inherently risky. Only purchase the TPDEARR if it is an affordable research expense for your own investing needs.  

Full TPDEARR = $1,000

Summary TPDEARR = $100

Never settle for only what you know now. One can always learn more.
Good luck on your journey!